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Experience Peak Emotional Wellbeing

Summit Path Mental Health offers personalized services to address symptoms related to trauma, anxiety, depression, identity, daily stressors, as well as issues effecting LGBTQIA+ individuals. Psycho-education and positive coping skills are provided to better manage mental health challenges, while working in collaboration with each client to develop treatment goals that encourage positive growth for potential peak emotional health.


Individual Therapy

Summit Path cultivates inclusive individual therapy assisting with LGBTQIA+, identity, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, coping/stress, mood disorders, and depression.



Experiencing chronic stress, excessive worry, or difficulty with organizing thoughts?

Feeling tense or having difficulty with relaxation or sleep?

Anxiety can effect focus and concentration creating difficulties with daily tasks, a sense of calm, and ability to feel safe.



Lack of supportive secure attachments is one of the many reasons the LGBTQIA+ community are at higher mental health risk compared to others.


Together we can help you, and those you care for, cultivate self-acceptance and improved boundary-setting for better self-esteem and a rightful sense of belonging.


Trauma & PTSD

Trauma-informed strategies are developed to help identify triggers and create grounding techniques to assist regulating your nervous system and bring equilibrium, safety, and calmness into your life.

In individual sessions, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Person Centered, and Solution Focused Therapies are incorporated to cultivate relatable connections for a non-judgmental working relationship.


Trauma informed strategies are used to build coping skills that are applicable in daily life. Mindfulness skills are modeled and exercised to cultivate grounding abilities for successful individual empowerment.

I am certified in trauma and complex PTSD therapies.  I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, with experience working and living daily discomforts and challenges associated within our society.



Jamie Lynn Hoagland LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Work Therapist

Is emotional and mental depletion becoming too much to manage effectively? Navigating stress is a daily necessity of life and if these demands move beyond your ability to successfully function, I invite you to work together to develop  positive coping skills within an inclusive safe space.

I am a proud University of South Florida graduate with a Masters in Social Work. I have personal experiences with historical trauma and am impassioned and certified in treating complex trauma / PTSD as well as providing therapy services related to anxiety, gender/sexual orientation, women's issues, and chronic stress.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ population, I live and work with the challenges that impact emotional, mental, and ultimately physical health affecting members of the community. 

I am committed to supporting you by empowering your ability to develop and utilize positive coping skills. Together we will work in collaboration with your unique individual strengths and challenges to encourage positive growth for potential peak emotional health.

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- Elizabeth Gilbert

“You are afraid of surrender because you don't want to lose control. But, you never had control, all you had was anxiety.”



Currently accepting new clients via tele-health and in person. Call, Email or Submit the form below for a no cost 15 minute consultation or to schedule an appointment.

Insurance & Payments

Summit Path accepts Aetna, United, Oxford, Oscar Health, and Cigna insurance providers and plans.

Insurance Booking & Payments are handled by Headway

Self Pay can be taken over a secure electronic payment application.


Insurance billing can be completed through Headway. There is a fee associated with cancellation if not completed 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time.

Self pay is handled through a HIPPA compliant online payment system. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or a fee will be charged.

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